Bartering As a Form of Art

part essay, part workbook. The first edition was printed in December 2021, for the Art & Labour Seminar at Concordia University with Surabhi Ghosh.

The primary question that I addressed within the booklet is, “can art exist holistically within a barter economy?” I looked at examples from my own life, as well as projects by other artists that used bartering as a central expression within the work.

The booklet was given to the other graduate students that attended the seminar.

1st edition: 18

2nd edition available for barter only


Prayers of Surrender

is the companion zine that was published alongside killing the mountain god. The zine is a compilation of 8 “prayers”, shown alongside photographs of passengers from the Norrona ferry.

The text was originally written while I was making a 3-day journey across the North Atlantic by ferry, from Iceland to Denmark.

for sale upon request

killing the mountain god

my first self-published work. The book is a collection of writings and photographs that were made while I was at the HEIMA residency in Seyðisfjörður, Iceland in 2015. Inspired by magical realism, the writing is a nonlinear method of storytelling, a memoir that was pieced together by journal entries and poems. The book explores feelings of isolation and misalignment with nature; the disconnect felt when one’s own emotions don’t match up to the placidity of the landscape around.

Edition of 50

for sale upon request